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Side istorical
Side's natural geography made it one of the most important places in Pamphylia and one of the most important trade centers in the region. According to Arrian , when settlers from Cyme came to Side, they could not understand the dialect. After a short while, the influence of this indigenous tongue was so great that the newcomers forgot their native Greek and started using the language of Side. Excavations have revealed several inscriptions written in this language. The inscriptions, dating from the third and second centuries B.C., remain undeciphered, but testify that the local language was still in use several centuries after colonization.
Another object found in the excavations at Side, a basalt column base from the seventh century B.C. and attributable to the Neo-Hittites , provides further evidence of the site's early history. The name Side is Anatolian in origin and means pomegranate .
Side Now
Side (pronounced see-deh), is a beautiful coastal resort on the Mediterranean. It is approximately 15kms east of Antalya (one of Turkey`s largest cities) and is located on a small peninsula only 800m in length. In this pretty town, modern architecture, chic shops and late night bars stand in juxtaposition with the ruins of an ancient city. Flanked by two stretches of golden beach, surrounded by the sparkling waters of Mediterranean on both sides and bestowed with the endless archeological wonders - Side has aptly prospered as one of the most popular resorts for holidaymakers from across the globe.

How to Get to Side: On road, you can avail buses or minibuses (Dolmus) from Antalya or can come by cars. The nearest airport is the one at Antalya and stands 55km away from Side.

When to Go to Side: Come to this picturesque resort town in late April, May, early June and October and enjoy the charm of the place to the fullest. However, if you choose summer to come here, avoid the weekends by all means, for it is extremely crowded then.

Main Attractions in Side:
Main attractions Side offers for visitors are:
The Aspendos is a theatre, which was built in 167 A.D. by architect Zeno, son of Theodorius. It contains 40 rows of marble banks built against a hilltop and used to accommodate 15,000 people in its heydays. This Hellenistic theatre was built during the reign of Marcus Aurelius and was dedicated to the Gods. It was built by two brothers, as a gift to the city, and till date it is extremely well preserved and very much in use.
Aspendos also has a 225m long historical bridge that was built by an Anatolian emperor in the 13th century. This bridge has been recently restored and houses souvenir shops. Apart from these, Aspendos is endowed with the remnants of a Basilica, Agora and one of the largest aqueducts (100 A.D.) in Anatolia.
Temples of Apollo and Athena
Built in the second half of the second century A.D., these identical looking temples were dedicated to Athena (Side`s patron Goddess) and Apollo.
This waterfall is a cozy stop, with restaurants and shops and attracts many tourists.
Apart from the historical treasures, Side is also bestowed with nature`s bounty. Deep blue Mediterranean Sea, gust of fresh air and two extraordinary beaches of golden colored sand on either side.
Some other attractions include the Byzantine hospital (6th century B.C.), Nymphaeum (fountain in the city wall), the Roman bath converted into museum, etc.

Activities in Side:
Water sport can be delightful times pass particularly the parasailing. If you enjoy shopping, come to Manavgat or walk up and down the bordering streets. Bargain a little and then buy what you find fascinating - candles, glass balls with snow and ice bears, penguins, Turkish coffee making equipments or handicrafts like carpets, jewellery and leather goods.
Party fans can go to the bars and discos near the harbor or visit the most popular hangout in the coast - Oxyd. There is no formal air to the nightlife of Side - so enjoy!
If you want to get away from the hustle-bustle of the urban life, go for a solitary night walk amidst the ruins or along the beaches. You will treasure the experience.

Side Restaurants and Dining:
There are various restaurants in Side to cater for various tastes. If you have a sweet tooth, come to Petek (honeycomb) in Manavgat. This bakery has a sitting corner and they serve different types of sweets, puddings and the real Turkish coffee.
For a light snack, Pide is the best choice, which is a Turkish specialty of fresh bread baked on a hot plate and it comes in varied flavors.
Seafood delicacies or fresh fish are best served in Minos; the open-air restaurant. For whole meals, you can visit the beach restaurant of Hukukcular, which serve cheap food and beer. You can visit the Zumrut restaurant, which serve complimentary fresh pita bread with garlic butter and fresh fruits at the end.

Side Hotels and Accommodation:
Side has accommodation facility for all types of visitors starting from small, cheap pension to luxurious hotels.
Sertkaya Hotel
This is a budget hotel, which serves complimentary breakfast. Its features include non-smoking rooms, golf course, meeting rooms, etc.
Arum Hotel
This is a clean and comfortable hotel with spacious rooms and a well-maintained pool. There specialties are friendly staff, numerous water sports facilities, sun bathes, free waiter service, etc.
Hotel Asteria
This hotel stands on the beach with a squeaky clean appearance and provide opportunities for diverse activities. The food is mouth watering and there are Chinese, Italian and Turkish restaurants. Friendly staffs, quite corners to unwind and own outdoor theater are some of the conspicuous features.
Raaga Apartment Hotel
This luxury hotel is located on a quite seaside and in close proximity to the ancient ruins. Shops, bars and restaurants, mini markets and bus stands are all literally a stone`s throw away. Well-equipped rooms with a balcony or terrace, gleaming pool flanked by a lawn, tree lined walks and poolside bar and restaurants characterize the hotel.